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NAI James E. Hanson
NAI James E. Hanson has, for fifty years, provided commercial real estate services in New Jersey for industrial, office, retail and apartment building clients. Through 300 offices we provide these services on a national and global scale. Services include property sales and leasing, property valuation, corporate advisory, distribution logistics, site search and selection and market research. Our clients come to us for our deep local knowledge. They build their business on the power of our globally managed network.
Alexander Anderson Real Estate
Alexander Anderson Real Estate Group is a boutique firm that has established itself as a leader in residential and commercial real estate, management, finance and development. With offices in both Bergen County and Hudson County, Alexander Anderson specializes in assembling multi-lot projects enabling new developments for today’s changing urban market needs.

Alexander Anderson is a manager and owner of apartments, condominiums, office and retail space throughout New Jersey. Alexander Anderson is also a leading real estate brokerage dedicated to supporting and realizing our client’s needs.
Engineers Labor – Employer Cooperative (ELEC)

ELEC is a labor-employer trust that brings Local 825 Operating Engineers together with participating employers to secure building projects, create jobs, maintain a credentialed work force and promote the benefits of union labor. ELEC's role is to distinguish the benefits of union construction and promote its advantages, which translate into real value for contractors, building owners and developers.

We offer the highest level of training, experience, collaboration, job safety, productivity and efficiency. These advantages ensure that a project will be completed on time, on budget and without fear of overruns or re-work at a later date. We provide the highest quality work with the greatest efficiency, resulting in real savings for developers.

Roof4Roof is a for-profit, for-progress roofing and remodeling company with an extreme emphasis on giving back. Proceeds from every project are used to help families in need, at no charge to the customer. Our services include repairing, maintaining and replacing all type of roofs, siding, chimneys, stucco, skylights, gutter systems, masonry work, paving, painting, welding, flooring and energy-saving services. With over 15,000,000 square feet of roofing, siding, and remodeling services installed in nearly 30 years, you can feel confident that you’ve hired certified, licensed, insured professionals. If you're in the market for a residential or commercial contractor and want your project to make a difference, please call 866-921-8004 or visit for additional information. Ask us about financing options! Watch how we help: